What is the difference between GSD and ICEM Shape Design Workbench in Catia?

What is the difference between GSD and ICEM Shape Design Workbench in Catia? ICEM is basically for Class A surfaces I know but even GSD can offer the same.

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"The Generative Shape Design workbench allows you to quickly model both simple and complex shapes using wireframe and surface features. It provides a large set of tools for creating and editing shape designs and, when combined with other products such as Part Design, it meets the requirements of solid-based hybrid modeling."

GSD belongs to Shape Design & Styling domain

GSD Differences compared to GS1 that I found:

- A line projected on a join with multiple surfaces (G0 continuity) has problems with update if created on GSD and updated on GS1

- GS1 don´t have, federation on extract, federation on join, curve smooth, advanced sweeps etc.

- When I use aerospace sheetmetal with only GS1 I push from shareable products the GSD when needed

Beyond this, below are listed more option for complex surfacing:

- ICEM Surface

- FSS Free Style Surface

- GSO Generative Shape Optimizer

- FSO Free Style Optimizer

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Let's say first that Originally ICEM was a indipendent sofware that DS acquired later;) This explains some obvious overlapping in functions.....

But the difference is substantial in the apporach:

GSD support generative surface creation = mainly from 2D curves to surf in a constructive way.

ICEM core is the patch modelling with control points control and continity for class A automotive surfaces. It surclass the old module from ds which replaces.

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