what is the difference between hybrid design and geometrical set

i am a bit confused between ordered geometrical set / geometrical set / hybrid design i need some clarification

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Hybrid means its a mixer of surface & part molding

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Hybrid Design: It means that the final part which an user wants to model will contain solid part, surfaces and sheet metal features. It means that you are working in more than one workbench, for completing the whole part.

Geometric set: It is a group of all reference elements and sketches (sometimes), as far as i am aware, it is used to group the reference elements, so that you can have good control, like for hiding all planes and points ect, there are two types of Geometric set, they are,

1. Geometric set
2. Ordered Geometric set - i am not aware of this one.

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The main difference b/w order geometrical set and a geometrical set is that you can take reference of any surface /feature 'n' numbers of times(you can use it ) in the geometrical set but in geometrical you can't do so. if you did with that part it is no use of yours.

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