What is the difference Between Ordered Geometrical set and Geometrical set ?

Can anybody explain me about Ordered Geometrical set?
How and where could we use it?
What's the Advantage for using Ordered Geometrical Set ?
What are the Draw back in Geometrical set.?

Thanks in Advance


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let me tell you an example suppose if you prefer to choose geometrical set in gsd let say you create a surface by extruding it and then you split the surface in half.now if you want to make another surface from the extruded surface you can do it. see the parent child relation here getting my point?on contrary this is not possible in case of ordered geometrical set.i.e you can only perform operation from the immediate previous operation
To be honest i don't use ordered geometrical set because i personally feel that once you go with the ordered geometrical set you can't reuse the operations you have to start over that's sounds exhausting when you are dealing myriad surface operations
hope this helps cheers

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Suppose you have a rectangle surface body in the step # 3
In the step #4 you cut it with circle to create a hole .
Now You have a rectangle with a hole surface.

If you use ....

Order Geometrical Set : There are only one geometry remain in the current step which is rectangle with a hole surface.

Geometrical Set : There are 2 geometry remain in the current step which are a rectangle surface created in step #3 and Rectangle with hole surface created Step #4.

For me I like order geometrical set because it makes my model so clean. And it easier to figure out the root cause when you found a problem during modeling complicated part.

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My old company use order geometrical set because
1. As I wrote, it's easier to figure out the root of the problem.
2. When you partner bring your model to design or modify , it 's easier to under stand what you've done before. It takes a less time to do.

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Thank you my friend.. Even i too never used ordered Geometrical set. But some companies are preferred to use.. that's why i would like to know .

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