What is the difference between piping design and plumbing design?

I have seen both "piping detailer" and "plumbing detailer" positions offered by the same company.

Thanks, Joe

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Hummm not quite sure but for me plumbing represent all water line in a construction (house, commercial building, etc) could be also drainage pipe, etc. And piping is amore general term regrouping all piping design inculding, water, gas, water vapor, etc in any places.

Hope this help, but not i'm note certain I'm right

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I've seen the same thing once before and the difference was in the experience/knowledge/training with different building, safety codes, and industrial standards.

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Plumbing has to do with gravity flow systems "slope required for flow" and related piping

Piping has to do with with pressure systems

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Thank you everyone for your responses.

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Plumbing has many systems that are all piping systems.

Water Services,
Water Distribution,
Drain, Waste and Vents
Drain Design (underground)
Hydronic Heating,
Process Piping,
Geo Thermal,
Private Sewage Disposal.

And many more,

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