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what is the easy procedure?

By AR Sadık on 16 Feb 16:22 3 answers 0 comments

This is the last drawing of my practice schedule, i have some problems in creating model. kindly help!

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3 answers

  • Juan Manuel Garcia
    Juan Manuel Garcia 9 months ago

    The easiest way would be to use the sheet metal module. Extrude the bottom panel first as an open sketch, then create the sides using the flange command.

  • Richard Dewulf
    Richard Dewulf 8 months ago

    An other way is to make it in normal part mode. Create a 3D skecht and sweep the profile along. If needed it can be converted to sheetmetal when done.

  • rakesh
    rakesh 7 months ago

    In othre way, simply extrude object shape then use "shell" command.

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