What is the equation for the maximum stress for a Beam in pure bending?

What is the simplest for m of this equation and how would you illustrate it best in SolidWorks/SolidWorks Simulation Express?

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u must attention to this point that maximum stress in pure bending occurs in maximum distance from neutral axis.so in maximum distance stress calculate as a following:
σmax = Mc/Ix
C=maximum distance from neutral axis

The maximum Stress is = M*c/Ix =Bending Moment x perpendicular distance to de bending axis / Second Moment of area about the neutral axis

I have a study i did on this sort of thing from my first year at university on my hard drive at home- i will upload my report when i get back from work and see if it helps.

the maximum will happen where M is the largest Most of the time its in one of the corners of the Beam.

it's depend on your supports and your loading,profile of your beam(in other hand moment of inertia)and center of mass.
if you haven't any forces and conditions this questions would not acceptable.

The classic formula for determining the bending stress in a beam under simple bending is:
stress σ = My/Ix


σ is the bending stress
M - the moment about the neutral axis
y - the perpendicular distance to the neutral axis
Ix - the second moment of area about the neutral axis x

Actual beam loading cases and end conditions can be found from tables
eg cantilevered,simply supported,encastre,point loading,uniformly distributed

if u want to work with simulation Express u should convert bending stress to normal stress and apply new load to the model and run it easily! ; however in SW u can use the another analysis to solve the bending problem as easy as possible but not in simulation express.

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