What is the fair first prize for electric vehicle design concept competition?

Do you think $1400 is enough for you?
What would you consider as a fair prize for winner?
Do you think if the prize would be better the company benefits much more?

I'm not trying to make a point, I'm just curious of other engineers thoughts.

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Automotive design is not my thing, and probably won´t participate in the competition, but when I read the challenge’s long requirements list and then saw the prizes, I was very disappointed.

You could say that if you win, you would have a great achievement to include on your resume and your design will be put into production, etc… that’s good!, but with the huge amount of work that needs to be done, I think that a more generous economic reward should be included.

The car has to be functional, buildable, durable, look good and be economically feasible, and more important: IT HAS TO BE SAFE!! IT HAS TO GO 100 Km/hr!. The designer has a great responsibility in achieving all the features in a way that they work perfectly and that the driver and passenger will not be harmed due to design issues. It’s a delicate matter.

I’m no expert in the field, and probably overreacting a little bit, but I think this is not fair and a bit dangerous…

Would be nice to hear other GrabCadders thoughts…

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best would be to get 0.5% of all sales of vehicles made by your design :)

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The competition is well outside my area but I would like to perhaps make a point. If this car went into production, it would require seat belts, airbags, etc. If the manufacturer contracted seat belt components from one of the major suppliers, there is a chance the company I work for would build the tooling to produce some of the parts, say a seat belt retractor base. I've designed dies for them in the past and am currently managing two design projects for such items. The wages my employer would end up paying me for such a design would be in the neighborhood of $2500-$3500 US, and it would take far less effort and arguably far less knowledge than designing an entire vehicle.

Just food for thought.

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I agree with Ivan. Also the Solidworks 2011 limitation is a bad thing.

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hmm It is alot of work for little winnings. do the handle challenge and win 1000...

But then again this is based on a smaller company, so i agree with ivan's point.

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Kir Ari:"when I'm starting I will not finish until it's "perfect", otherwise I cannot have satisfaction of my work" it is same situation with me. I just can't make something and stop on half of the way.

Hardi, it is good idea, but maybe better is to have 3rd place ***$ 2nd place ****$ and for first place contract for one or two years in develop studio of customer company. That way if somebody really put HUGE amount of effort in this design he will have good satisfaction to be in team which work on developing design to production.

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Hi all, we changed the specification from internal and external design to external design concept ONLY. You are able to see it under Challenges and hopefully we will get lot of good and interesting results. Sorry about the confusion in the beginning and good luck!

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it is much better to separate the prizes fairly to the first 3. 1000$ for first, 500$ for second and 250$ for the third place. (Or something like that.)

And it is not good to give so much for the winner like 5000. (will not be fair for other participants who didn't win) It is not good for you to give so small amount of money like 250 for the winner. You will not get enough participants, and no quality with the entries.

That is what i'm thinking. Hope it helps you.

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Thanks for pointing it out. Do be very open, we work very hard to get absolutely maximum amount of money from customer to pay engineers. We know the concerns that the money should be much more but I think we can grow there by doing more and more these challenges so that other customers can see the value of the service.

What we also want to do more is to spread the price money among manny other engineers because usually there isn't a clear winner but there are group of good solutions.

For the Electric car challenge - I propose you take it as a contraint. The prize is 1400 USD - limit yourself and say I will not spend more than 4 hours on working with this design.

These kind of constraints can be leaded to all new kind of innovation. Happy to hear your thoughts.

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