What is the lowest cost tool to modify the origin and orientation of a step model?

We want to be able to have a library of models where every time we pull them in they come in the right spot with the right orientation for ECAD work without having to maintain a rotation and offset database for every model.

We don't need to do full 3dCAD, don't even need to be able to modify the content of the model, just transpose it. So we need a simple tool to:
1. import step model
2. move the origin (or move body relative to origin), preferably as a snap to a feature on the model.
3. modify the orientation of the body
4. export a step model such that it has a new origin and orientation

Any suggestions? I'd rather not spend the money on Solidworks or Inventor, so what would be a good alternative if all I need to do is the above?

I've tried to figure out how to do this with freecad, and its not obvious how to change the origin and orientation of an imported model.

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Can you go the other route with freecad (I'm not familiar) and move/rotate the part body instead, such that it is aligned how you want?

Even the high end CAD packages don't really allow you to move the origin, per se, but you can move the solids around to your liking, so maybe freecad has a similar functionality.

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