what is the meaning of R19, R20 in catia v5 R19, or catia v5 R20

meaning of r19 in catia file name

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Year by year the CAD/CAM and every company were launch there new product which satisfy the current market and the engineer work demands.

If their product were touch the success level than they start to make a update/Patch to fix the bugs and to add extra feature to the software.

The V5 means the Version 5 which represent the generation of software and the tools increasing year by year or in definite period.
The R18, R19 means the same version would released with added functionality and improving the user experience by removing bugs and adding new features.

The Version 5 (v5) will be last long for a year, But if they want to make changes in program(Software) like adding some toolbar, Changing the memory usage(or simple language a good update to software like all other software were do automatically time by time to keep secure and running smoothly) etc. Than they will release their product with same version as
"V5 R19 or V5 R20" etc.


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From last two year the user got divided in using Linux & upgraded window version that is Window 7 or the win8.

So catia were released the V5 and the V6 for the higher version of window.

The common problem is to run the licence server in win 7 so that they fixed it and released a new version of it for the user world wide.

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They are called versions.
As the version grows, (r19, r20 ...)
As the features of self-enhancement in the appropriate qualities emerges.

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Version 5 Release 19. Release means to new patch or update in current version.

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