What is the problem on uploading gif files to GrabCAD

It seems like i'm having a problem with gif animations. They don't look fine on the model's page. What would be the problem?

1st image is when i right click on it and click to "open the image on another tab" (it looks fine when i do it)

2nd image is on the model's page (it looks terrible)

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2 Answers

I don't know if it will help Cemal as this is the site I use... Maybe it is worth a try

and I only render out 10 images on the turntable....

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Cemal, your GIF file is fine, it is a resizing problem that GRABCAD may need to look at it. or you may try to fit your GIF to the model page preview size othewise the website will resize your GIF and that's what screw it up.

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