What is the problem with my mate (Flat Surface)??

Hi Friends. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

I am a novice at SW and using SW2016. I have managed to complete solid models of the fuselage (F), wing(W) and horizontal-tail(HT) of a skywalker UAV frame. The F needed to have a different coordinate system in comparison to the standard global coordinates, so I exported the .sldprt model into .iges with the new coordinates and later simply saved the .iges file as a .sldprt file so I could use it for assembly; because the HT model follows Global coordinates. But when I managed to do all that and tried to mate the two surfaces (shown in fig attached) coincidentally, it did not move into position.

Kindly somebody please help me understand the problem.

Thank you in advance, for any help you may offer.


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1 Answer

Check, if you have created any Prior mate between F and any other part that is stopping you from this mating.
Why dont you try to mate two mid planes of F and HT?

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