What is the purpose of zebra stripper in solidworks?

why we use the zebra in solidworks?

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This is the answer to Zebra i SW

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-is-the-purpose-of-zebra-stripper-in-solidworks

When you model something like bike tank fuel or some plastic mold element you should have very smooth shape. Sometimes model have defects of not regular shape and you do not see it in one colour.when zebra is on you have to rotate the model and watch where shape is not smooth.
For better understanding see my fairey plane model.
the hull under pilot window have not regular shape. You can see it in zebra or when the light is falling to it and reflects.just like in my default render.

It helps you to check how "good" and correct a surface is, especially round surfaces. The sebra stripes behaves almost like a mirror. If the pattern turns very small and or doesn`t look symmetric with various size in places the surface should be smooth and edgeless, its an indication that something can be adjusted. If you have been usig the "loft" or "Sweep" feature for rounded shapes,f.ex. It`s also another tool "check Curvature" for this pupose, I think maybe that is a better tool.