What is the real function/use of 3D Composer for SolidWorks and Catia?

Want to understand the real function or practical means of use of 3D Composer both for SolidWorks and Catia.
What does it do in reality, what does it make better for us?

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The 3Dvia Composer is an "addon" for the "Dassault family". It is very usefull for animation, visualation specially for instructions. The idea of an "all-in-one" solution is like: You construct parts, assembly... you can adminstrate all your parts, assembly,... for example with smartteam.
The 3Dvia Composer grabs your original CAD Data and it is easy to make animations (also as pdf) for an instruction how to assemble, disassemble the parts... There is also a special tool inside the Composer, which makes "mistakes" in the data, so they are not useful for third person.


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Thank you for the overall idea as I asked for.

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