What is the red number in brackets next to my GRABCAD ranking for?

GRABCAD ranking system

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This number shows how many spots you have climbed or fallen compared to yesterday. If the number is positive, congratulations - you've passed a number of engineers. If it's negative, then you've dropped some spots as other engineers have uploaded more models, been more active with commenting etc.

A bit longer explanation about ranking <a href="http://grabcad.com/members/faq#rating">here.</a>

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I think that means you are falling back from 25 to 27!

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ah bummer! lol. This new ranking system is killing me haha! i used to be around #10. Need to upload more models too.

Still only 90% complete on my profile too.. Are the GC Gurus working on more add-ins for the about me section?

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Yeah, this new ranking system brings me a lot of LoL's! Terry Stonehocker was shifted to a second page (LOOOOL! :))), and at the same time there are people on top I haven't even heard of :)) This is really nice and i like it a lot when something like this have unprediclable factor. Would be very sad if they'll finally decide to change it for smthng that will put one person on top of another. At least now we can all have fun!

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