what is the reqired configuration of laptop or pc to operate solidworks,rendering,catia,autocad mechanical,autodesk inventor,autodesk 3d max??

configuration of laptop

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Configuration? I really think you mean the technical specifications of a PC or laptop, but you must take into account two factors, 1 personal use, even a second or third generation computer or laptop run without any problems all these programs, taking into account for example assemblies like full engines in solidworks you will work without problems, in the case of keyshot, and others to render, if you run them well but you would not get very professional results, which is the second option a pc or laptop especially for design with a card Sixth generation PC and preferably an NVIDIA QUADRO card.

Recommended configuration: Core i5, DDR3 8GB RAM, 2GB GPU, 19" LCD Monitor, SATA 320GB HDD, USB3 support, DVD CDROM Drive.
And Of course optical mouse 1200 dpi, don't use the touch pad!

Do a search on ebay for Dell Precision M6600.
The mobile workstations are designed for these applications, and a used M6600 is not too expansive (compared to the current models).
Use all the saved money to upgrade various components which will be more important for your workflow.
SSD drives are great.
More RAM is great.
A fast CPU is nice, but I put in a slower CPU with trice the number of cores so I could render images in half the time.

Mousing is very important in your setup for both laptop and desktop. I use a gaming mouse, the scroll wheel is switchable between spinny and clicky, several programmable buttons, on a double-sided aluminum mouse pad.

The ones I use are:
Logitech G700 https://www.google.com/search?q=logitech+G700&num=100&tbm=isch
Corsair MM600 https://www.google.com/search?q=corsair+mm600&num=100&source=lnms&tbm=isch

For rendering is a highly parallelized computation, get as many cores as you can and think about thermal management.

Everything runs in Windows. My desktop has a pair of interconnected GPUs (OpenCL/AMD), enabling a certain degree of real-time graphics performance. I would recommend a recent higher-end NVIDIA card with as many CUDA cores as you can. Although realtime graphics can be annoying during engineering, it definitely has its value during presentations.