What is the Starting & Ending temperature of Catalytic Converter ?

It is used in Automobile as specially in Cars as shown in the image.....
please tell me the complete detail about that Catalytic Converter if u have........

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Ok, let the car run for 20-30 minutes. Then use your temp gun, the back should be at least 75 degrees hotter than the front. If the front is hotter than the back, then the cat is restricted. As far as a range (once car is warmed up) something like 275 front and 375-400 back would be acceptable. If its under 250, the car isn't warmed up enough and if it temps something stupid like 550 front and 650 rear, then there is a problem. - from a yahoo answer reference..
Temperature sensors are used for two purposes. The first is as a warning system, typically on two-way catalytic converters such as are still sometimes used on LPG forklifts. The function of the sensor is to warn of catalytic converter temperature above the safe limit of 750 °C (1,380 °F). More-recent catalytic-converter designs are not as susceptible to temperature damage and can withstand sustained temperatures of 900 °C (1,650 °F).[citation needed] Temperature sensors are also used to monitor catalyst functioning: usually two sensors will be fitted, with one before the catalyst and one after to monitor the temperature rise over the catalytic-converter core. -- from Wiki

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