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What is the use of develop surfaces in GSD?

By Manikandan M on 08 May 11:59 1 answer 1584 views 0 comments

In GSD, under develop surfaces there are three options as unfold,transfer and develop. i need to know the use of transfer and develop in it..

1 answer

  • shyam sanker
    shyam sanker almost 4 years ago

    CATIA Version 5 Generative Shape Design allows you to quickly model both simple
    and complex shapes using wireframe and surface features. It provides a large set of
    tools for creating and editing shape designs and, when combined with other products
    such as CATIA.Part Design, it meets the requirements of solid-based hybrid modeling.
    The feature-based approach offers a productive and intuitive design environment to
    capture and re-use design methodologies and specifications.
    This new application is intended for both the expert and the casual user. Its intuitive
    interface offers the possibility to produce precision shape designs with very few
    interactions. The dialog boxes are self explanatory and require practically no
    methodology, all defining steps being commutative.
    As a scalable product, CATIA.Generative Shape Design can be used with other CATIA
    Version 5 products such as CATIA.Part Design and CATIA.FreeStyle Shaper and
    Optimizer. The widest application portfolio in the industry is also accessible through
    interoperability with CATIA Solutions Version 4 to enable support of the full product
    development process from initial concept to product in operation

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