What is this going on in GrabCad these days?

What is this happening in GrabCadrabcad these days?
where are those guidelines gone now?

Link:- https://grabcad.com/questions/how-to-know-whether-a-chinese-lady-likes-you-or-not

One More:- https://grabcad.com/questions/what-would-it-like-if-a-chinese-girl-likes-you

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I don't know. I used to try to answer questions regularly when they were about actual questions on modeling or problems people were having . I've been ignoring them of late since they are either people just asking for you to work for free or are spam... it's a shame.

Honestly debating on deleting my account. Only reason I'm still on here is because there are still some useful CAD files on here for my work. The questions alot of times are of students hoping to just be given the answer/work for a school assignment instantly, or spam. It's a shame really.