What is your favorite CAD soft? And why you prefer it from other soft.

This questions ar only informative. I prefer AutoCad (and Architectural), Inventor and Solidworks, because are simply and complex program for design.

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SolidWorks - simple reason, I work with it since version 2009 and it can do everything I need.
Some suggested to use Catia, but the difference in cost and the things Catia can do are not that useful for me. I don't do surfacing or industrial design. SW offers more than I need.
Tried Inventor, but I found SW to be more intuitive for me and based on logic that is very similar to my brain's internal logic...

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Inventor - I started with Autodesk products in the early 90's and I've eveloved with the software so it just feels familiar and easy. I'm sure others will praise the higher end packages, but Inventor does everything I've needed it to for a reasonable cost.

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