What is your first design?

I wonder your first model.I think first models are not very impressive:)) my fırst design is a motorcycle and I uploaded thats photo. dont laugh please it is considered better for first design:))

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Well, my first design was made with a help of some paper, pencil, scissors and some duct tape. They didn't invent personal computers at that time yet. Computers yes, but not for regular, everyday, common people :)
The first ever 3D design I made was in 3D Max, back in 1999... Still have the *.max files and some renders made on PC486 ;)

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Good first model Aykut. I don't know if I can call it a design but I made it just so I have a model on GrabCAD, here is the Necklace mp3 Player.

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The first 'design' I did with 3DCAD was the day after I learned of 3DCAD in general. It is a spring reverb effect for musicians - like a guitar pedal..

Here it is in all of it's circa 2000 glory!

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A trim fixture for an Aerospace component. :)

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