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What is your motivation?

By Joseph Jones on 09 Jan 17:24 4 answers 0 comments

I know it may sound like a silly question but I see complex, highly detailed, interesting things such as a Nintendo 64, saitek x52 joystick...There are so many examples. I have been working in solid works for C.F.D aircraft design to advance my physics knowledge, as a hobby, but what I want to know is....Why do you do this?, is it part of your job? your schooling? both? lol, I guess I just love doing this and maybe you do to but do you use it in the workplace? is it common? profitable?

4 answers

  • Ben Casto
    Ben Casto almost 2 years ago

    Personally, I first started learning CAD in a high school engineering class. At one point in the class we got to use a 3d printer to print off our designs and I think that was when I really realized how neat this stuff is. While I don't have any of the tools to actually make my designs at home, I do have access to Autodesk's student software to continue designing things that I'll probably never be able to hold but at least I can see them. It has also been very helpful for formula sae. I doubt I'll ever use what I've learned as a job but I think learning the software for the sake of just seeing what is possible to make is reward enough. Nice question, really made me think.

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones almost 2 years ago

    Thank you for your input I quite honestly think about this a lot as well... i look forward to hearing more from the community

  • Momin Bashir
    Momin Bashir almost 2 years ago

    I think, when someone enjoy his/her working in whether a profession or in any other side activity, then he/she can give his/her passion into that stuff making it as maximum reliable & quality stuff as it can be. & if I talk about the grabcad community, most of the engineers share their working showing their fun & passion merged into their design. I too, enjoy designing models and rendering makes it much more of an interesting stuff. I really have learnt a lot at this platform. Thanks GC community very much.

  • Roger-Marie Couture
    Roger-Marie Couture over 1 year ago

    Google Translate:
    For creativity! .... This is a great philosophical question. If it is confined to draw real and only those paying projects, our learning is limited to the contracts obtained. We become specialist but less creative. For me, creativity is the most important. Not only because I am retired, but also because I am an artist (master of fine arts), but I was forced to earn a living to limit myself to the designs that I managed to sell! I therefore draw more and more what I call "useless objects". I plan to make a visual presentation of virtual sculptures with Solidworks. There is a really interesting relationship between the "virtual" artwork and "quasi-prototype" 3d drawings. So what interests me is to learn more toujoiurs SW because the 3D drawing is actually a quasi manipulation of matter and of incalculable host of phenomena can illustrate, so to understand.

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