what keyshot version supports Alias Automotive 2012?

i work with alias automotive 2012 and i need a strong rendering program like keyshot but i dont know if its support the Alias or not?

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Yes - KeyShot 2.3 supports native ALIAS 2012 files. ALIAS needs to be installed on your machine though. Installed, not necessarily licensed. You can import by Shader or by Group, and control the tessellation.

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Hi Arbabali I am sure I read something about that on Keyshot forums and I think it is 2.3 is I can remember right
you can always go look or even ask in the keyshot forums

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You must export .wire alias file into .step or .iges Alias has an option to change file extension, so you can create a copy of your file to use into Keyshot, Bunkspeed or any other Rendering software. But remember if you are modeling in Alias you must have any different material in a different layer, otherwise when you are trying to apply a new material in you rendering software you'll get one single piece, it means one single material if you don't use layers appropiate

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