What kind of engineering analysis I can to this model (retractable dog leash) or its parts??

I need to formulate 2 different engineering analysis tasks for selected components (or whole product). I am new at solidworks so have no ideas on which body/part I should better make countings with solidworks simulation. Countings should't be very complex. I really need this for my school project,so someone please help :))

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2 Answers

You could do:
- An interference analysis of the assembly to make sure all the parts fit properly.
- Motion analysis of part #8. Does it engage and disengage correctly?
- There is the SolidWorks "Costing Analysis". Maybe the part will cost less if made from different material.
- Sustainability Xpress could be considered an Engineering analysis of the product.
- Simulation Xpress could be used to determine if the handle is strong enough for the anticipated loads
- There are mold flow add-ons that can analyze the plastic parts before getting to the injection molding stage.
- Something as simple as a wall thickness analysis could be done to determine if there are any thin or thick spots which might affect the ability to produce the part(s).
- Set the material properties for each part, and determine the mass and center of gravity for the assembly. Is it too heavy? Is it awkward to hold?
- How much current do the lamps use? How long does the battery last? These can make for a good analysis (but not in SolidWorks).
- Compare and contrast the use of screws to secure the circuit board versus molded in clips, or heat staking (again, not really an analysis in SolidWorks, it would be more of a design / manufacturing study).

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