What locking mechanisms I can apply to a Reacher Grabber?

I'm trying to find a locking mechanism that can be applied to a reacher grabber to make it easier to use by elder people! Thanks!

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Maybe look into how these clamps work: https://www.amazon.com/Irwin-Quick-Grip-Clamp-Set/dp/B00A9KMARW

They are pretty easy to use with one hand, and don't require a lot of strength to lock.

Another idea might be a ratcheting system. I'm trying to think of something which works the same way, but I can't recall exactly what it was.

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Tagging on what Fred said, this is a simple mechanism used most placed:

You could keep the gripping method used, but insert a small stop so that the clasps would stay clamped until you release the mechanism.

In theory: Same grabber, slight modification to keep the jaws locked until released.

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That is a great video. The models, the animation, the description... And of course the fact that it took 66 people to design that "simple" mechanism.
People always wonder why it costs so much to "just design something".
Sure, I'll just duplicate the efforts and knowledge of 66 people... Wait here, I'll be right back with your product!

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