what means wrong application level error in CATIA V5R19

Some of the downloaded grabcad files causes an error ,'wrong application level' when opened.what's mean by that?...

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Dear everybody,
The article that I’m just writing about is the most common problem for the people who install Catia from a low version to a higher.
Of course you yourself can find out the solutions, but after 25 times installing each version of the software and 25 times its service pack.
So I did it, and it’s all here.
First I tell you the mighty problems and then I check each solution:
1. After I installed CatiaV5R21, and its service pack, I cannot open the files that I had already drawn with CatiaV5R21. It says: Wrong Application Level, or, Wrong Structure.
2. After I installed CatiaV5R21, and run it, the Save or Save as… link are not ACTIVE, so I cannot save my projects.
3. After I installed CatiaV5R21, Cat Parts ICONS has been changed to another form of catia icons, and whenever I open a file, it cause opening a new catia.
4. I have CatiaV5R15~20 on my computer, now I have installed CatiaV5R21 and I have all the problems such as: data, structure, level, icons, setting, etc….
Before we check the solution we have to know the most important thing about installing these engineering programs.
The very first step of having a very speedy windows working on these programs such as Catia, Creo, MDT, PowerMill, Abaqus, etc. is that you should install windows on a clean hard drive. I mean if you have several programs, do not update them or installing different versions of them on your Pc.
So, the first step is: Come clean. Find a good version of windows(Xp,7,8, 32or64bit) and format the C drive and start installing it, and then start installing latest version of your Engineering Programs.
Furthermore, I can suggest you my own system that is very very speedy and running Eng. Programs like a piece of cake!
I have a:
AMD CPU 8 Core 8350 FX+
G-Force Nvidia 640T 2GIG
M5A97 EVO R2.0 ASUS Motherboard.
That’s all.
In general, all the problems are because you have installed a wrong SERVICE PACK for your catia.
But I go more specified:
1. If you have CATIAV5R15~20 with SERVICEPACK 1 on your system, and now you want to install a CATIAV5R21 SERVICE PACK1, it’s ok. You have no problem and go on. But if you have CATIAV5R15~20 with SERVICEPACK 1, and now you want to install CATIAV5R21 SERVICE PACK2~5, you are doomed! It will be installed in your system, but you will get the issues for the files that you have done before: Wrong Level, Wrong Structure and etc. So, the answer is that you should use the same SERVICE PACK for higher version.
2. Sometimes you don’t know which service pack you have installed, or someone else had done it for you, it’s ok, you should find the higher service pack for the new installation.
3. I myself used this trick: First, I install CATIAV5R15~20 Service Pack 1, then I install CATIAV5R21 SERVICE PACK5. It’s working for me. But remember after installing CATIA 21, DO NOT OPEN CATIA 20. Because your setting and arrangements will be changed to default.
But remember it just only when you cannot install a new Windows, and you should install two different version beside each other.
Notice that, changing computer date will not help you if you got wrong service pack.
So, the only one point is Service Pack version.
If you got more issue you can contact with my email: S.Sharbaf@gmail.com
Good Luck.

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The difficulties is "Downward Compatibility". If you are using Catia V5R19 and try to open V5R 20-21 or higher release file, you can not open it.

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