What next more useful to do ?

Hi to all engineers and designers
I am student of mech.engg. (last year) and I have great interest in cad & I am good in catia and pro/e.
So my question is what softwares shold I learn for good career opportunities ?

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rather than number of software you should focus more on learning advanced features and modeling techniques in Pro/E & CATIA. CATIA is very big software package. It will take lot of time and effort to learn it completely. Also you will learn alot of different things and approaches. So I will suggest you to go for advanced in these software rather than going for a new one. Most of Indian industries use CATIA & NX. Other Industries use SW or Pro/E.

Even if you want to go for a new one, you should go for SolidWorks. SW will be easier to learn if you know CATIA & Pro/E.

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I'd look at the design engineer job vacancies on recruitment web sites for the area where you live or would like to work. This should give you an idea of what employers are looking for.

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Govind it all depends on what job you want to work in but then again it is down to the company of what software they use. This is a hard one to answer the more you know with other CAD software the better it might be. That is just my opinion.

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