What Portable CADD Station would you recommend?

Hey All - It's time for me to buy a new laptop for SW and rendering! What would you recommend?

> Must be a laptop!
> Must Run Win8/Win7
> Must have graphics card for SW (not gaming per-se) - no other CADD software.
> Must be 15" screen for airplane use (not much bigger).
> Please tell me first-hand experiences - not just shout specs at me! I can read too!
> Helpful opinions are most welcome.


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5 Answers

Just saw this one recently.... maybe the dream mobile solution around $5000 price tag fully configured; tested & certified hardware


Hope it helps :)

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Those are nice - but i'm looking to spend about 1700! i should have mentioned that. The BOXX is nice but too expensive! :(

Have Dell precision machines vanished?

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Ah yes, budget is always my factor too. My favorite place to poke around on a budget is http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/ OR http://www.ibuypower.com

I'm sure you can find what you need there at your price point.

Dell's are great too, but they seem to be fading away in the market.
I believe there's news about Dell being bought out as well, something about the share holders, their acquisitions, etc. Their future sounds woeful.

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