What's the most precise method to design letters that are not in the SW font base?

The letters are to be extruded for a 3D/Isometric look. The design should show no edges.

Please see attached files.

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This is probably the way I'd do it. It takes less than 10 minutes.


You import the image and copy the shape with lines and splines, then you extrude it.

There's also an option called "autotrace" but I don't think it'll work properly with the images you posted since they have no clear edges definition.

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Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed that this question was a lot like your question about the etching on a sword, and figured someone in the future might search for a similar answer.
In this case, I'd tend to agree with Andrea. The shapes are simple enough to trace in SolidWorks.
A second option is to use a raster to vector conversion program like Vector Magic. It takes only a minute to create the DXF I've attached as a sample.
A third option is to identify the font used. Then you can install the font on your system and have full access to the entire alphabet.
To help identify unknown fonts there are several websites like www.whatfontis.com , www.whatthefont.com , and www.identifont.com
In this case the font can't be identified, but that is likely because it was custom drawn for some purpose. I've had really good luck at finding the perfect font to match existing logos and artwork.

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I was a graphic designer in corporate signage and lettering, retired now. Vast subject vector drawing.
 Your text is not text. This is most likely a logo drawn from existing letters redrawn. So look for are a waste of time. A logo appears to be easy to replicate but this is absolutely not the case, and any reproduction should respect the graphic rules of art. The lettering is also more complex than it appears and is made by specialists. That said, when I needed a logo I first tried to join the graphic designer who created me to send a vector file. Otherwise, you must draw it with a sketch picture quality as others have told you. Personally I draw them with a graphical software like CorelDraw before exporting to DXF in SW. I also use a jpeg image of the background logo. The Bezier mode is much more flexible to sketch the curves that do not need to be calculated. So when it comes to native text of a font is better to find that font and convert it into editable entity. When it comes to a trademark it is graphic design.

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When vous installez des politiques Qué VOUS VOULEZ Convertir en vectoriel, Mieux Vaut n'utiliser Que des politiques en le format TrueType, *. TTF.

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