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What's with my Adaptive Sweep in Catia?

By Krystian Meresiński on 18 Feb 16:49 1 answer 0 comments

First, pictures:


Here you can see a Multi-Section Surface (on the left) and the Adaptive Sweep (on the right)


Here you can see both sketches I've used to make this surface and a Spine definition (the circle on the left)


The Adaptive Sweep I've made using a custom sketch that connects one of the sketches from the Multi-Section Surface and end point from the curve on the right. The curve is made with two lines perpendicular to sketches making Multi-Section Surface and a spline, glued together with a Join command.

The thing is - the common Spine (Circle.2) doesn't seem to work, since the end of the Multi-Section Surface and the Adaptive Sweep don't meet together. It seems strange, because those two surfaces have a common spine and the Spline that makes the right edge of the Adaptive Sweep is finished by lines that are normal to the planes making both ends of the Multi-Section Surface.

So it would seem, that the planes making the ends of both surfaces should be parallel to each other - but for some reason, they're not. Do you have any suggestions how to make Adaptive-Sweep end on the plane of the Mutli-Section Surface?

1 answer

  • dave summ
    dave summ over 2 years ago

    Upload the file and I'll take a look

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