What's wrong with this sweep?

Hi!!! I'm new to this software. And I'm finding some setbacks to solve this question. I've made relations that it needed and I tried to sweep. But I always end up like that (please, see the image added), with a beak on my drawing. This drawing should looks like a mouse, but it is a bit far from it. Can anyone help me, please??? I know that I'm doing something wrong, I just don't know what it is. Thanks in advance! Bye!!

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I'm not sure if I understood what you did in your model, but I tried here to show you how to do that sweep. I hope it will help you. Have a luck with a rest of your model. And, in my opinion, It is better to make mouse using some surface tools.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-s-wrong-with-this-sweep

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Is there a reason why you're not using a loft? It really looks like it wants to be a loft feature to me. Best of luck!

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As Inspire said in a comment, only mistake is that you use Sweep. SolidWorks is a powerful software and it offers many different commands, features etc. to overcome every problem, but it is not a magical software, you cant make everything using every feature that you wish. Commands have their limits and purposes. You should learn which feature is for what. More features you know, more you can combine them to get what you want. If you are persistent to make this Sweep, I've found out that you can actually achieve that using SelectionManager (see tutorial below), but it works in this particular situation. Obviously won't work in every situation. Previously, you should become familiar with SelectionManager, if you already didn't. Also, I uploaded the same model that you posted, just with finished Sweep.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/what-s-wrong-with-this-sweep--2

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Hi everyone!!! First of all, I'd like to apologise for absence, so much work to do, I haven't stopped until now. Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for the help. It was a good surprise for me, so much help in such short time. Thanks!! Well, about my question, I believe that I couldn't explain myself very clear about my problem. I am a mechanical drafter. For years I worked with AutoCAD. And now, I need to learn SolidWorks. So, I REALLY need to learn about this software. I don't need to know everything about it, but the little I know, I wanna deeply know! Yeah, I know that mouse can be made by Loft feature, and maybe by other ways. I was training (studying) Sweep feature. I already made a plane by this feature, and everything just gone fine!!! But when I tried to make that mouse, I ended up like that. Why??? That's what I wanna know! Why sweep feature is behaving that way??? What I'm supposing doing wrong?? Why does that beak appears??? I used Pierce to join Guide Lines to Profile. I also looked at the Relations Display. And I couldn't find anything wrong. So, to conclude, I'd like to know if I have any way to find out what is wrong. If you guys could help me, I'd be very grateful!! Thanks in advance!!! Bye!!! OBS: I'm sending my drawing, I hope that can help!!!

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Making sure you mirror as a body rather than feature is really important.

I found that out the hard way.

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try to use 3d sketch,so you did'nt need to use added planes...

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