What's wrong with this tire?

I'm trying to emboss text on teh sidewall of this tire with a 1/16 thickness... but the program won't let me make it smaller than 1/8in thick?

It says: "the attempted operation did not produce a meaningful result..."

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2 Answers

Since deeper embosses work just fine, I think it has something to the curve of the sidewall. I think the emboss feature is not deep enough to be complete - thus it can't produce a meaningful result. Try changing the side wall radius to flat - see if that resolves the problem.

I think there is a surface tool that would let you curve apply the sketch to the curved surface, but I can't remember or find the tool I am thinking of. Maybe some else can help a bit more.

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You could also extrude it and just use a surface line to split it and take away the exess material.

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