What scale for Thor ar15 lower?

I've downloaded Gil's 2 piece Thor ar15 lower models and when I open them up in Cura they are tiny. Does anyone know the correct size to scale them up to? I'm using a monoprice mini v2 and Cura 15. Thanks for your help.

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If it is tiny, then it is most likely 25.4 times too small. That is the conversion between mm and inches.
The SOLIDWORKS models are created in inches. What units is your Cura set to?

If the plan is to print this in plastic for actual use, I strongly suggest modifying the files before printing to make the weak points stronger.

I'd spend some time checking the model/features as well (in SOLIDWORKS). There are many under-defined sketches throughout the model.
The buffer tube threads don't have the correct profile, or pitch. Other features could also be off/wrong.

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