What should I charge for freelance 3D Design

I know this is a broad question with a lot of variables however I am simply looking for a starting point. I have been asked to do a little freelance work for project rendering for a company to represent their projects better to clients. I was wondering based on no engineering degree and my portfolio what I should charge per hour and other costs included. Any help is appreciated.

Check out my projects to get an idea of my work. It's not great but I'm self taught.

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2 Answers

I guess that if the company have asked you, they think your previous work is good enough.
I would estimate how long you think it's going to take you to do the work and multiply that by a reasonable hourly rate. The rate should be comparable to what you would get paid as a designer working for a company wherever in the world you live.

Look for jobs advertised at your level and use that as a guide.

It might also be worth saying to the company - I think this will take ? hours and I normally charge ? per hour. I will charge you that per hour up to a maximum of (hourly rate x no hours).
That gives them some certainty over their exposure to cost - if it ends up taking you twice as long as you thought!

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Thank you for the response. That makes a lot of sense to find jobs around the area and base it on what they charge along with the level of work.

Thanks Simonr.

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