What should you know about cad programs to become an expert designer ?

Imagine that you design a machine, mechanic parts or something part. To be an expert which skills do you have ? Maybe can you response that which cad program you must know ?

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To be a designer, you need to know a lot of things. CAD Modelling is only one part of it. You should know about the materials, their properties, applications, design outline, actual engineering related to it, etc. I am not an expert myself, but after quite some Industrial experience I can say that CAD Modelling is just a tool that lets you achieve what you want to. You can hone you skills all the time but to design a machine, mechanism or even a simple part, you would need a lot more.

Additionally, you can achieve the same goal/design in many software or in many ways in the same software. So, I would suggest you to try a few out and stick to whichever suits you the most.

Hope that was helpful.

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you must have a technical aspect with the minimum of knowledge in technical drawing

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A designer does not NEED to know anything about a CAD program.
Look to Leonardo Davinci for inspiration and an example of designing without CAD.

Look at the amazing car bodies we had from the 1930's to the 1960's, then look what CAD gave us in the 70s to 90s... They look like boxes on wheels.

CAD is a nice tool, but it is not needed for for great designs.

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"CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing"
Narayan, K. Lalit (2008). Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

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Only Sketching and modeling isn't enough, PLM in designing is more important. your design must be so flexible to have any change in any time.

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there is no major different between programs for modeling, you should know designing principle.

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Thank you all. Your all answers will helpful to me. And in every respect I agree with you.

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Brother, CAD Modelig is one Of the stepa in Engineering design process.

You must have a good knowledge of Engineering first.

Any one CAD package, honesty all CAD packages like Solidworks, Inventor, Creo are same. They use the same logic to drive the model you want.

My choice is Solidworks. Easy Interface with tons of tutorials

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It's Good to hear you have some foundation in design software all you need to do is to practice different models so that you will get enough tool experience.

then you need to think about best practices (i.e) one solid model can be created in many ways but we must choose the best way. example cylinder can be created by revolving a rectangle or extruding a circle.

as design engineer you must have good knowledge in surface module, sheet metal, drafting and apart from this mechanism and Animation

you can download my models and practice it has tree history also follow my video tutorials try it in solidworks

CATIA V5 Wireframe & Surface Design

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Firstly you need some design background. Secondly very good creative mind. Then choose the CAD software which you can buy. You can google for the best software and use trial version of best software then finalize your native CAD software....

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