What software is best for simple yet good looking renderings


I would like to know what software do you use for rendering, because I only use the effects that standatd Solidworks has, I have the normal SW version and I know that you have more rendering options in the professional version, but I would like to learn to render my models with other programs. So which one would you suggest me?

Thanks for any hints.


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I have found that with the correct knowledge, Solid Works 360 is excellent.
Take a look at my models; they were all done with 360.

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Have to agree with JSE, the SW inbuild Photoview360 is perfect for rendering, browse trough my models and see what can be done with this program.
Browse the internet for a version of SW that has PV360 onboard. (try isohunt)

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solidworks can be good but for ease of use try keyshot 4

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