What software would you guys recommend for a beginner interested in vehicle design?

I have always been interested in vehicle design but have only done a few basic side view sketches. What software would you guys recommend for a beginner like me. I would like to do some 3D vehicle designs for a hobby and maybe later try and study something similar! Thank you

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I here this question all the time. It depends on were your working, what your comfortable with and which software is easyest for you to use. what one person says is good someone else will say that's not true. I use 3demax, Inventor, PTC, and solidworks. I am most comfortable with Solid Works.

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For me as in the automotive field for a few year, It depends on the component you are assigned to do

For automotive body, It needs a good surface to represent its continuity, this cause the high-end software such as CATIA , Alias Automotive will be used.

For Engine section, it contains many solid body, sometime sheetmetal part such as heat protection for exhaust manifold, I recommend ProEngineer to do this work.

In your case , you design for your hobby which is not much complex, the middle level of CAD software is sufficient. I recommend to you is Solidwork, Inventor or alibre if you have not much money.

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The stylists / designers I worked with in the past used a big piece of paper and a roll of tape!

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