what specification of laptop would be enough if i need to handle files sizes of around 250mb in catia

software: catia v5 r21
my current laptop specs are shown in the image below but i think these are not enough for handling file sizes more than 200mb
so i am looking for a laptop which can handle such big files easily
i.e; rotating the model pan zoom etc.
and when i change something in the model it should not take much time
please suggest me sth.

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1. Install more RAM if it can be upgraded. I'd suggest at least 8 GB.
2. You don't list your graphics card. Rotating, panning, zooming is all dictated by how good the graphics card is. It should be a card certified to work with Catia. Not just a "gaming" card.
3. You don't list a desired price range. Assuming this is a low budget operation, look on ebay for used m6600, and m6800 Dell Laptops. 6600's should be under $500, 6800's should be about $1,000.

"not take much time" needs to be defined in terms of an actual time, and how complex the change, and the actual model is. More RAM should help in this regard, otherwise the solution is newer, faster, or more processors.


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If your laptop doesn't have dedicated graphics processing unit than it is recommended that you should change your laptop...... the recommended specs are i5 or i7 quad core processor, 16gb ram, and a good dedicated GPU for suggestions check https://laptopjar.com/best-laptops-for-autocad-and-solidworks/

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As Fred has suggest, please try buy buy a certified configuration based on:


Intrinsys (www.intrinsys.com) are happy to supply ready build workstations / mobile work stations with CATIA pre-installed if required.

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