What the next step after Solidworks? (SW vs CATIA)

Hi everyone!
I know Solidworks at high level (about CSWE). And I dont know what the way of me improvement.
Maybe CATIA is the next level of cad design?
What is your opinion??
I create package machine, case packer. So I need to simulate different process (falling of pouches, case packing process, conveying product and other).
SW (i think ) cant do it well.
So i decided to learn CATIA+Simulia, am I right??

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SolidWorks, Solid Edge, along with Inventor, Kompass, and Alibre were made for small to medium sized organizations. They originally could not let several people collaborate in real-time, or allow parts managment. Some were limited in the number of parts per assembly (you could not build a Full featured BMW assembly). In the past few years they have improved, specially in the user interface, and ease of operations. Catia and NX are the next step up. You may want to look at what are you going to find a job next? Are they using big enterprise level software like NX or Catia? You will also find out that high-end software is not as easy to work with as SolidWorks. They are slower to update and change the interface and they are much more expensive that SolidWorks or Solid Edge. Switching to Catia for what you are doing now, is not going to be worth the trouble, specially if you have the full featured SolidWorks with simulators, FEA and CFD.

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