What to expect from next generation of cad programs?


4 Answers

It will sound childish but if the state of matter can be defined. For example if i modeled a glass full of water than i should be able to define the state of water and when i rotate the glass model in motion animation it does changes shapes acting like a liquid.

Well i expect some feature like clay modeling. just like we used to model using clay.. we will use cad programs for Clay modeling and many others.

A push to the cloud. Pay per use models, and the software should be running on a server farm so it should be quite fast. It also seems as though there are a lot of cheaper, simpler programs designed for non-engineers/designers.

I'm new to CAD but being able to make objects such as o-rings and springs compress, flex, and/or deform in assemblies as they would in nature would be nice instead of jjust drawing different configurations or intentional interferences. (see my french-press). Cheaper would also be nice.