What would be your choice CATIA or Pro/E (Creo)?

which one is better? ...for and against, please

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It would be CREO,but only 'cause I work in pro/e from pro/e 20 was first I bought,before version 2000i.Before WF4,WF5 CATIA was best only in visual terms(rendering).I have few years experience in CATIA and now in NX and sincerely if you learn one of these soft. to the core, I mean complete set up ,configuration files ,creating mapkeys,programs linked with your software ,libraries,catalogs etc you will have no problems with no of these softwares I mentioned,CATIA and NX but I worked from 1998 in AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop ,then pro/E so really they are three top softwares with many applications and possibilities and therer's nothing you can't design or analyze.If you work with Americans or Turks take PRO/E,with Germans Catia
And also take some fluid flow simulation software,auditors are falling on that
-animations -movies and mechanisms you can make in CREO or CATIA,with kinematics and dynamics analysis if you set up connections in assembly..
After all if you have worked till now in Solidworks take CATIA,if you like easy modelling especially of complex objects mostly made by Surfacing and you are good in geometry and math get CREO than design (or model) flowers and leaves with accuracy of 0.01[mm],than put it in *.VRML file in 3D printer and you'll have your objects and in color.IF you;re expert in one software you'll bee good in whatever they get in month or two max.

have a good read here.


CATIA is not comparable to Pro/E,it's more like to siemens NX

Pro/E you won't find good tutorials.at least not in English.more than half of capabilities of Pro/E is not even known who shift to solidworks watching Pro/E to be difficult to use.

It would be better to look at what you wanted as an end result, those who just look at the box or try to learn by looking over the shoulders of others that to truly learn will never steer you the direction YOU need to be. Ask yourself what do I want in the end, What does my client want, what can I receive from vendors, what history files will be working with. Finally Maybe something is hard to learn (Pro-E / Creo) but, what is the most productive once learned.

Sorry; one more point , in over 25 years or using CAD systems you learn One thing, All CAD systems are the same, they draw lines, circles and squares - it's what they cannot do that sets them apart as to what you need.


it is one of the cool softwares & its easy to learn !