Wheel is not rotating in solidworks

I have created wheel and axle assembly but when i tried to rotate axle wheel is not getting rotated is there any special type of mate for this in solidworks

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make coincident mate betwen two planes (example. right plane of axle and right plane of wheel it this planes are in same plane)...or you can use parallel mate betwen mentioned planes...
I hope that this will help you!

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You need two mates on the wheel.
1 is to make it concentric with the axle.
1 is to prevent the wheel from falling off. Coincident or distance would work.

The wheel needs to be able to rotate, so I would not suggest adding coincident or parallel mates between reference planes.

Trying to troubleshoot mate problems from a screenshot is not really possible. If you post your files and assembly, better answers will be possible.

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firstly you have to check the mate you given or reassemble the assembly and give concentric and parallel face mate, then you will get better result.

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Here is your file (assembly) with all mates You need...

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The wheel does turn as you have it assembled, but the Chassis is also free to move. The software does not know what you want to do, so it put both in motion.
Add another mate to lock the chassis and the wheel should be fine.

When applying mates, click and drag parts to see how they move. If anything gets really messed up a quick Undo will solve the issue and allow you to continue.

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