When I make a simplified part out of an assembly, the original .iam = 5mb. Why would the resulting .ipt be 9gb?

I have an assembly of about 2500 parts. I need to put 2 of them into an assembly for laying out other equipment. Working with the original assembly files is quite slow and tedious. I made a simplified part from the assembly and the resulting file takes 9.8 gb of my RAM. I have 24gb total. Is there another method to reduce the size of the file to make it use less resources? The new assembly with the substitutes is just as difficult to work with as the original assembly. What do you guys do when working with large assemblies to get better functionality?

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Hi Dan,

The simplify command as you can watch on the following video links creates a new view under the folder "Representations" on the assembly history tree...


Major purpose of this process is to share the least of the information with your clients, suppliers or partners... by Including only the essential components, defining envelops, etc.

On the same "Representation" folder you can actually find another two categories the "Position" and the "Level of Detail".

What you really need is to change the Level of Detail... Check Below --->

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/when-i-make-a-simplified-part-out-of-an-assembly-the-original-iam-5mb-why-would-the-resulting-ipt-be-9gb

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Assembly only contains file paths to the original files. It does not have the physical models inside the assembly. When you do an export the computer will export the actually physical files resulting your big file.

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