when my sketch is constraint coincidence with a 3d curve ...why still i have some gap between the curve and sketch??

please help me out

6 Answers

If you show us a picture, maybe we can write a comment for this problem.

sir ..this the trouble im facing ..thankyou

I think these are not real gaps. It is performance problem from visual.

consider this case ...why the sketch is extended beyond the curves sir ??

it happens when.. the dimensions are very low. i mean around (1 - 25mm) it oftern happens in CATIA. but thats not the real error.. still you can use features

May be my idea will help you.
You can use the below setting in the Catia V5 to get the geometry. Just go to Tools --> Options --> Display --> Performance Tab and change the 3D Accuracy to the lowest value, (i.e). 0.01. as shown in the below Picture