When posting models why not use a format that most CAD systems can use. Ex.. step, igs etc.

I have what I would think is a fairly current version of Inventor, 2016. Yet some of the models I downloaded are from later versions and I cannot use them. Also it may be me but I cannot use solidworks and there are some models I would have liked to use. I believe just about any CAD system can open and Save step and iges files. So why don't more people save there models in this format when posting them for others to use? I was just wondering if others think this would be a good practice.

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I agree but I think there are a lot ill experience users on Grab Cad that might be the problem, maybe Grab Cad could write a little intro to newcomers explaining this but maybe that is too much to ask from them. I was under the first 1000 members when Grab cad started as it was still in Estonia. but now they do very little to support the Forum !

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There are a lot of reasons that people upload models to GrabCAD. A lot of times the agnostic formats such as STEP and IGES are only a dumb solids. If there is a model that you like but it is not in the format you desire the first thing would be to ask the individual that uploaded it if they could provide it in the desired format. If that does not work you could always ask the community to covert a specific model.

I have uploaded models in every format I could but it takes time to save the various formats and time to upload them. depending on what I think people will find useful and takes me the least amount of time will now determine what formats I upload.

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That sounds reasonable. If I really want it I would do that I guess. But it would add a lot of time and so would probably not do it.

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Yup. I mentioned this very idea in my tutorial on raising ones GrabCAD score: How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

"When uploading, remember that there are many CAD programs. Don't just upload a single CAD model in the native format, add a Step, or Iges file so other people can make use of it as well. If they can use it, they can like it!"

I think many people simply don't think about other CAD systems when they upload a model. They made it, it worked fine, nothing else to worry about.
I think I did the same on the first few models I uploaded, but constant requests and comments for step, parasolid, iges, and STL files finally trained me to upload a few formats at once.
I also try to mention the version of software the model was made it. Getting the "future version" error is no fun after downloading a large model.

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