When Should I add STEP/IGES as my software skills in GrabCAD?

All I have found out that it is not a software rather a file format. I have worked with the file format but not any software named after it. so I was wondering should I add it to my list or not!

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There is no software skill of any sort for them as they are just file formats.

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STEP/IGES files are a universal file format that most all CAD programs can open and use. They are a way to transfer files between CAD systems.

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There are several options available when importing / exporting STEP and IGES files, maybe depending on the software you use.
This can be very tricky when trying to translate certain versions of one software to certain versions of another.
Examples: Export from Altion in Step, Altium (electronic design) to Solidworks often fails, while Altium to KeyCreator works perfect, then export from KC to SW in e.g. X_T (Parasolid).
Another example, Pro/E to Solidworks, very tricky for complex surfaces.
So yes, there are definite certain skills required to find the right settings to exchange between software versions, sometimes using a very powerful translating program like KeyCreator.

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If you were good at repairing broken versions of those file formats, then it might be a good idea to list them as files you are skilled in.

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