When you click on your name and choose liked files I see various numbers at 'I don't like this file'. These numbers come from where? I don't see any other place to dislike someone's file.

?Don't like this file?

4 Answers

Al, it's not actually 'I don't like this file', it's how many people clicked on the 'Like' button, it shows that way because you clicked on that too and if you want to withdraw your vote you can click on that. We don't have a 'Dislike' button yet.
I'm not actually sure because my folder is empty.

You mean this thumb-down icon?
If you like someones file you can now hit "dislike" so there you have "dislike" button... I think ;]

if u want to dislike a model and u have got it like before u can go to that model profile and change the like to dislike.

Thanks for your answers. I see now that the number represents how many people 'liked the file' and you can choose to withdraw your own vote here. Seems kind of fickle or wishy washy to change your vote. I guess it would clear that file from your 'my likes' folder. Strange...