when you zoom in the graphics window, the clip names often become too big. How to change the size of the text ... Thanks.

when you have many plans in a drawing, the graphics window becomes overloaded by the name of the plans. How to change the dimension names plans?

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Try this setting: Tools - Options - Document Properties - Detailing - Always Display text at the same size.
You may need to set the default font to a smaller value after doing this.
The file you are working with may be quite old (i.e. SW2000), as this setting has been on by default for many years.

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@FredSWUG, This setting turned ON by default,
and it works with Annotations only.
This not work with Plane-names

@Roger-Marie Couture, At this moment I can only advise you hide all planes
and select them in Design Tree when needed.

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No solution has been found. If someone finds an API, please contact us. Thank you all.

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