Where can I easily make a bottle as a solid model or in surfacing?

Where it is easy to make bottle as a solid model or in surfacing?
if made as a solid model i got stuck during calculating the fill point range from top surface which requires the Or if made in surfacing how can i apply thickness to the bottle because it vary all over the place

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Converting the bottle interior to a surface should be pretty easy. Try these steps:
- If it is hard to see the interior, do a section through the model
- Select all of the interior faces you'd like to convert to a surface. The faces will need to be touching each other for this to work. I don't think you can have "islands" selected
- use the Knit tool, or the Offset Surface tool. Both are found in the surface menu. If using Offset, set the value to 0

That's it. You should now have a surface body in the feature tree.
Without knowing what version of SolidWorks you are using, I can't really upload a files since you may not be able to open it.

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Dear Ayush kumar,

It's pretty simple you can use surfacing create each walls independently and creating offsets at each distance, then using those edges for a boundary surface you can make a bottle which will be varying all over the place
then as usual convert it into a solid.

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One sample piece is attached.
It shows a knit surface, and an offset surface set to 0.

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You can work with solids and surfaces at the same time.

- Make the bottle as a solid.
- convert the interior of a bottle to a surface.
- Use the surface to help calculate the volume.

Or, if you make the bottle as a surface, you'll need to use the offset or thicken tools to create a solid model. Offset and thicken will often fail if the resulting body overlaps or intersects itself. In those cases, you'll have to split the bottle up into multiple regions. Then offset or thicken each region before knitting everything together and patching any holes.

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