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where can I find/dounload materials for solidworks?

By elroto on 08 Oct 23:37 3 answers 3 comments

Hi! New around here... A lot of the materials listes in my SW havo no specs at all... Where can I find those? Thanks!

3 answers

  • 3c7662a7
    3c7662a7 about 4 years ago

    see if this helps you any.


    Creating_Custom_Appearances_in_SolidWorks.docx, 615 KB
  • elroto
    elroto about 4 years ago

    Actually, what I need are not the appearence of the material... (I don't care about it right now) I wanted to se if there's a way not to google the spec sheet on eeevery material listed that has no data in it! Is it an instalation problem? can I correct it? Thanks for your replay!

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