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Where can I find orthographic projection drawings?

By Ahmed Eldeeb on 14 Jul 04:13 6 answers 4 comments

I am still learning CATIA V5, and I am looking for an orthographic drawing of a pair of pliers (Front, Side and Top) views with dimensions. Can anybody help me? I looked online for any good orthographic projections of pliers but they are all bad.
Thank you

6 answers

  • Marcell
    Marcell over 4 years ago

    Please find the attached PDF. I have tried to add as many dimensions as possible. Just use your own discretion with the curved lines and the rest. Hope you master the drawing in CATIA! Good luck.


    Combination_Pliers_Assembly.PDF, 304 KB
  • Marcell
    Marcell over 4 years ago

    Hi Ahmed. You can download a 3D model of pliers from Grabcad and simply create those projections yourself in CATIA. Unfortunately I do not know CATIA at all. I can create a PDF drawing for you with those views if you want? Any specific reason you need these projections with dimensions?

  • Ahmed Eldeeb
    Ahmed Eldeeb over 4 years ago

    Hi Marcell, I didn't know you can do that on Catia. Please, if you can, i would really appreciate the pdf file with dimensions. I just need it with the dimensions so I can draw it on Catia. Thank you so much.

  • Ahmed Eldeeb
    Ahmed Eldeeb over 2 years ago

    Thank you Prof. Abreu. These tutorials are really helpful.

  • kamal Singh
    kamal Singh over 2 years ago

    i need some surface & part drawings for solid works practices

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